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Cruise Ship Tourism

Development of cruise as a travel choice. The cruise ship usage by passengers has overtaken the other means of travel.Countries that manufacture ships, the ship lines have had a demand in cruise ships and in order to maintain a competitive edge, new innovative options have been added to ensure continued growth.

Though the CSI business has increased out of better facilities being offered, it has come with a cost.The cruise ship industry (CSI), has managed to bring with it good economics, where cruise passengers’ and crew have managed to transform locations in terms of trade, in which stopovers are made by the cruise ships; shoreside staffing to which local offices have been set up for ticketing purposes, have experienced a boom in trade as cruise ships disembark a huge number of tourists ready to experience the locations with hard currency.

The economic impact results in expenditure being huge, grossly high, generating employment to the locals and increase in bed capacity to those disembarking for a longer period. Though costly at the initial stage, the infrastructure expenditure will be repaid as more cruise ships prefer to have their stopovers in these countries.

Though, the cruise ship industry is believed to share its profit with the local tourism service, the cruise lines have been able to generate huge revenue benefiting the most out of activities associated with the passengers’ both inboard and off the board. The CSI is believed, to have the largest share of profits as everything is often sold on board, like food and beverage, souvenir leaving the local tourism with little profit.

Powerful lobby groups with a strong financial backing have protected their interest in the industry through manipulating lawmakers to their advantage. The industry relies heavily on under the flag of convenience usually with questionable labor and work safety standards and often have no legal obligation on minimum wage enforcement when having locals work in their ships. Its only countries, particularly developed countries with infrastructure and capacity to challenge the industry when the cruise ships use their channels; although the CSI will advise its cruise ship clientele to be more vigilant when using such channels and facilities to avoid penalties’ and the image of the industry as a portrait in the advertisements.

These brings about animosity with the local hotels, having the same line of tourism as the hotel.

Developed countries are concerned with traffic involved with the number of cruise ships using their sea channels and the environmental impact left after.

CSI brings with it across social and cultural effect, whose interaction between locals and cruise passengers brings positive effect depending on the frequency and number of cruise activities.

Security in and outside the cruise ship is paramount.

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