Floor Burnishers Offer Several Benefits for Custodial Services

It is safe to say that just about anyone in the custodial business will admit that the task that is most costly is maintaining floors. While the cost of labor is always increasing, the available resources that companies or organizations have available to maintain floors seem to decrease. When floors are not properly cared for, it really starts to show and has an impact on the overall appearance of a building. Those overseeing custodial operations are choosing floor burnishers for several reasons.

High Shine Floor Finish

The burnishers operate at a high speed, due to this the motion of the pad against the floor finish will create a high shine, giving the floor a wet appearance.

Cover Large Area Quickly

Schools are an example of how burnishers can cover a large space in a relatively short amount of time. Many times, at the end of the school day the floors look dull, then in no time at all the floors shiny and clean again. Floors can be burnished more often since it takes less time, therefore increasing the gloss or wet look of the floors. The facility will look cleaner for less money.

Less Labor Dollars

Since it takes less time to polish floors with a burnisher, in the end, there is a significant saving in labor costs. Burnishers are a great tool to use in controlling operating costs.

Image of Facility

The floors of a facility often dictate how people feel about the overall appearance of it. When the floors are clean and shiny when one walks in the door, the place is welcoming and seems fresh. Burnishers can automatically enhance a facility’s image with clean and shiny floors.

Safe Floors

Well maintained floors will be safer. Following a good cleaning and burnishing program on a floor will offer a clean, slip-resistant surface for everyone to walk on.

Those in the business should consider investing in a burnisher if they haven’t done so already. The increased productivity will lower the cost of operating. Also, customers will be overjoyed with the result when their floors are shining and have that wet look.